Published March 6, 2023

20 Most Used Ways To Cut Down On Your Wedding Budget

You probably have some over-the-top wedding day fantasies, like a statement flower wall to rival Kim and Kanye's wild wall of flowers, not one, not two, but three magnificent bridal outfits or even simply a princess-worthy diamond. But here's the thing: All that style costs a fortune.

We advise sitting together with your significant other to talk about your wedding-day priorities as a starting point. What two or three elements—and which ones—do you think are most crucial for your big day? You can use this discussion to decide where you can splurge and where you should save. Before beginning to look for and hiring vendors, you should also set your wedding budget (and break it up into manageable amounts).

1. Make a smaller guest list

Although it may be difficult to imagine celebrating without specific friends and family members, reducing your guest list is the simplest method to save money. Everything will be more affordable, including your venue size, rentals, catering, and invitation prices. Given that the typical couple spends more per person, reducing your guest list from 150 to 100 will result in saving more.

2. Your Guests should be directed to your Wedding Website

A single insert directing guests to your wedding website at JoyRibbons rather than multiple cards for your other events, such as the rehearsal dinner, welcome party, or day-after brunch, as well as logistics, such as commuting and information about the hotel room block you've set up for your guests, can save you as much as a great amount when it happens to come to your wedding invitation suite.

3. Engage a more modest wedding party

While your wedding party covers many costs on its own (attire, travel, etc.), there are other fees that the couple customarily bears (bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, wedding party gifts, etc.). The fewer bridesmaids and groomsmen you have, if you can manage it without offending anyone, the less money you'll spend on them.

4. Host your wedding event in one place

This is typically to save cost from vendors having to tow different locations same day or on different days and having your guests move around. This will help you save cost, time and energy.

5. Consider Other Days of the Week

Your wedding location and midweek rehearsal dinner will cost much less if you are married on a Friday. Surprising right? Beautiful! A wedding on a Sunday is even better. Smaller parties benefit from cheaper food and beverage minimums and lower site fees, which can save you a fortune.

6. Cut down on your printing fees

Purchase any printed day-of goods at the same time as your wedding invitations, such as dinner menus and wedding ceremony programs. Your printing costs will be reduced by doubling up and taking care of everything at once.

7. Grab a Few Pens (& Maybe a Few Helpers)

For the addressing, assembling, and mailing of envelopes, stationers can charge a low amount per set. If you have good handwriting, don't be scared to DIY assembling and addressing your own wedding invites. Prepare to break the task up into multiple sessions, or ask your close friends or family for assistance to hasten the process.

8. Get a Jump on Dress Shopping

To avoid rushing to buy your wedding dress or suit, make haste to buy them 7-8 months before your wedding and of course go for simple and less expensive ones yet beautiful.

9. Watch for Deals (& Sales) on Social Media

To learn about trunk shows, sample sales, and special offers like 10 percent off your gown, 20 percent off jewelry, or a free veil with gown purchase, follow your favorite local bridal salons on social media.

10. Seek out new and upcoming talent in photography.

The cost of wedding photographers can vary greatly, so looking for new talent is a surefire method to cut costs. Social networking is a fantastic resource, and seasoned photographers may frequently suggest someone who is rising in their industry as well.

11. Reduce your Bar

A full bar can break the bank because alcohol is a sneaky unexpected price. Please refrain from having a cash bar, although it's totally acceptable to restrict the alcohol you serve. Provide simply beer, wine, one unique cocktail, or some combination of the three instead of a full bar with a dozen costly spirits.

12. Simpleton the menu

Although expensive, upscale dishes and premium meats like filet mignon and lobster are undoubtedly delectable. Your caterer can point you in the right direction to help keep things affordable. Try to keep your wedding menu simple and focused on seasonal ingredients.

13. Leave the Champagne out

If you don't drink the Dom Perignon, your love will still be valid. All that matters while having a toast are the bubbles and drinkability of your chosen beverage. Let everyone raise a glass of whatever beverage they're holding to say "cheers," or choose one of champagne's less expensive cousins, Prosecco, Cava, or another sparkling wine.

14. Organize a cocktail gathering.

Passed appetizers are a better option than a sit-down meal or a large buffet; just make sure there are enough for everyone so your wedding guests won't go hungry.

15. A brunch wedding is an option.

Even though brunch cuisine is just as delicious as evening food, it typically costs less. You may save money on meals and impress your guests with omelet stations, fresh waffles, and more by having your wedding in the morning or early afternoon.

16. Utilize what you currently have.

If you have a collection of jars, such as jelly or milk jars, for your centerpieces, the florist won't have to provide vases for them. Such jars make lovely displays when filled with flowers.

17. Get a Small/Portable cake.

For the traditional cake-cutting occasion, serve a lovely one- or two-tier cake. In addition, serve cupcakes, cookies, pies, or a larger sheet cake (hidden in the kitchen) so that everyone can enjoy a slice.

18. Keep your invitations small.

Couples frequently overlook postage when planning their wedding invitation budget, and it adds up quickly! Be in mind that sending invitations with unusual shapes, weights, or sizes will probably cost more, so make your invitations straightforward with few attachments.

For the traditional cake-cutting occasion, serve a lovely one- or two-tier cake. In addition, serve cupcakes, cookies, pies, or a larger sheet cake (hidden in the kitchen) so that everyone can enjoy a slice.

19. Purchase seasonal, local flowers.

The flowers will be guaranteed to be at their freshest, and the stems will also cost less. Choose from readily available, perennial flowers like roses, calla lilies, and orchids as your second-best alternative. Going local will also save you money on transportation because tulips imported from Europe are expensive.

20. Rent clothing for other occasions.

The cost of purchasing an entirely new wardrobe for all of your wedding-related occasions can mount up quickly. To save money, consider renting clothing for your rehearsal dinner, baby shower, engagement party, and other events.