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create your wedding website on JoyRibbons. Add information about your wedding, tell us your love story and upload your amazing fire pictures.

share your URL.

Your personalised wedding page link is generated for you to share with your loved ones. They will be able to see items you would love to have as gifts


MyWishlistNG prevents gift givers from duplicating gifts and allow you to easily track and manage items sold from the registry.

Create a Registry

Let your Family and friends know what you really want, so they can gift them to you.

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Discover what your celebrant would like to receive from you.

Honeymoon Fund

Gift your couple a special treat, by contributing to their love get away experience

Create Your Free Wedding Website

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unlimited gift items.

There’s no limit to how much items you want to include in your registry.

Universal Access.

Guests around the world can access your registry at any time and purchase gifts.

Group Gifting.

Set items you wish as a group gift and get guests to contribute to buy the item.


Track all gifts and funds received and send a thank you note.

Honeymoon Funds.

Add this option to your registry and guests so guests can choose to gift you with cash towards your honeymoon.

Cash Gifts

Unsure of what you want? Create a cash fund where guests can contribute any amount they like or add cash gifts to your registry and guests can not only purchase gifts but also gift you with cash.

Rsvp Tracker.

Manage your RSVP updates with ease and save hours of event management hassle and headache.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use JoyRibbons?

Because we make everything easy. With our super helpful registry, free wedding websites, affordable invites, and expert advice, we’ll help you two and your guests throughout your wedding planning journey and into newlywed life.

How is JoyRibbons free to use?

“Free” and “wedding” rarely appear in the same sentence, so we get this question a lot. We’re a store and like any online retailer, we make money on the products we sell. So we offer couples free tools to help streamline their wedding planning.

What’s the easiest way to get started?

There’s no right or wrong way to plan, so dive in wherever you’d like. Many of our couples build their free wedding website first, while some get a head start on their registry. We make it easy no matter where you begin your journey.

If we’re planning a simple wedding, do we still need JoyRibbons?

We may be a touch biased, but… definitely! Whether you're saying “I do” in front of 20 people or 400, hosting an intimate reception or an epic dance party, there are still logistics to plan and we want to help with every single one of them.

Do we need a wedding date before we start planning?

Nope! You can take a crack at your wedding website, your registry, or even your guest list. Once you have a date, let us know and we’ll make sure you’re running on schedule. Not sure how to set your wedding date?

What if we’re registering at other stores AND JoyRibbons?

That’s totally fine! We filled our store with over 200 of the best gifts, but for those special things we don’t have, you can add them to your registry from any online store. That way, guests can shop all your gifts in one place.

Create Your Free Wedding Website Now