Published April 25, 2023

10 Most Unique Wedding Venues In Abuja

Weddings are wonderful occasions that call for wonderful settings.

The greatest wedding locations in Abuja are listed here to assist you in making that priceless moment. There is no set order for them.

1. In Utako, the Alifa Marquee Hall

A venue called Alifa Marquee Hall is situated in Utako, Abuja. Weddings, receptions, conferences, workshops, concerts, and other events can all be held in this facility. Parking, security, and power are all present. The waiting room in this hall is attached to the air conditioning system. Banquet/Theater seating is for 900–1800 people. costing approximately ₦700000-₦800000

2. Abuja's Cubbicle Marquee in Maitama

In Maitama Gardens is a place called Cubbicle Marquee. It is perfect for all kinds of events, such as wedding receptions, birthday celebrations, seminars, entertainment shows, church programs, dinners, workshops, etc. Modern amenities, a sizable parking lot, and proper security are all present. About ₦800000 is spent on the venue.

3. Pearl Arena, Garki II Abuja

Emerald Park contains the 2500-seat Peral Arena marquee tent. It is one of the newest sophisticated event centers in Abuja, and it is furnished with cutting-edge amenities. It includes the famed Emerald Park's breathtaking environment, a fantastic fountain area, as well as a charming pedestrian bridge for a memorable snapshot of your event. Excellent for weddings and conferences is Pearl Arena. About ₦800,000 is spent on the venue.

4. Open Field at City Park, Wuse II

The Open Field has seating for 1000–1500 people (banquet/theater) and is ideal for weddings, birthdays, exhibits, church events, public receptions, end-of-year parties, and other special occasions. For any event of your choice, City Park is an excellent venue with a gorgeous hall and an open field area. It is close to a public transportation hub. roughly $50000 in price.

5. The Marquee IBB Way

The Marquee is a sizable room with 500–700 seats (Banquet/Theatre). It is appropriate for end-of-year parties, weddings, general receptions, birthdays, conferences, and seminars. The Omega Event Center effectively conveys the notion of "everything in one place." Event planners have a variety of options, such as hip event halls, movie theaters, and open play areas. The Center is conveniently located along

6. Dunes Center Marquee, Aguiyi Ironsi Way

Marquee is appropriate for weddings, birthdays, exhibitions, fashion shows, seminars, meetings, retreats, workshops, and end-of-the-year parties. It seats 1000–1200 people (banquet/theater). Dunes Centre is perfect for various occasions and provides a lovely, peaceful environment.roughly ₦3666,000 in price.

7. Merry Makers open Field 1

The Open Field 1 is perfect for weddings, receptions, seminars, workshops, banquets, training, exhibitions, conferences, meetings, end-of-year parties, church functions, graduation, children's parties, anniversaries, corporate functions, and business class. It seats 300/400 (banquet/theatre). The Merry Makers Event Center is a fantastic location for elegant occasions. It features two Open Fields and a lovely Marquee. Locating the Center is simple around ₦300,000 in price.

8. Glam Events Hall, Maitama

Weddings, birthday parties, fashion shows, retreats, meetings, seminars, and end-of-the-year parties can all be held in a marquee that seats 500 people. Black, white, and gold are the primary colors used in the pre-decorated Glam Events Hall, which is adorable and incredibly glamorous. Perfect for all types of events.

9. Dune Center Way Marquee Aguiyi Ironsi

Weddings, birthday parties, fashion shows, seminars, meetings, retreats, workshops, and end-of-the-year parties can all be held in a marquee, which can seat 1000–1200 people (in a banquet or theater). The Dunes Center is the best location for any events and has a lovely and peaceful atmosphere.approximately ₦3666,000.

10. King David Hall

King David Hall is a marquee hall owned by M&M. It has a stage and stage lighting, as well as complete air conditioning. There are 600/1000 (banquet/theater) seats available. The M&M Events Centre is a cutting-edge venue for events that is situated in Area II of Garki, Abuja, on Herbert Macaulay Way. Two marquee rooms at this event venue can accommodate up to 1600/3,000 (banquet/theater) persons each. A parking spot, security, and a dependable power source are all features of M&M.

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