Published May 8, 2023

How To Choose The Best Month For Your Wedding

Finding a date for your wedding should be one of your top planning priorities after accepting a proposal. What kind of event you host will depend greatly on the month of your wedding. After all, a wedding in the Berkshires in January is very different from one in June. Numerous significant aspects must be taken into consideration while choosing the ideal month for a wedding.

One of the most infamous aspects in wedding planning is choosing your wedding date, and for good reason too! It might have a big effect on your wedding's theme, setting, and preparations. Although your friends and family may put a lot of pressure on you to go on a date, take your time. Later on, you'll thank us. When picking the ideal wedding day, there are many enjoyable and practical aspects to take into account. Let's get started straight now.


Typically, the two most popular times of year for weddings are spring and fall. However, your state certainly affects this. For instance, summer weddings in This area occasionally trail winter and spring nuptials in popularity. When it comes to your venue or vendors, peak seasons may be more expensive and/or have fewer available dates. Although it is always worth inquiring if you have a specific date in mind, many popular dates are booked about 15 months prior to the wedding day. Every season is lovely for a reason—we've had stunning weddings in every season at every location!


According to several folktales, getting married at a full moon is lucky. While a starry sky during a declining moon also appears gorgeous in images taken during a wedding at night, it is unquestionably beautiful. Marriages during a full moon were thought to be the healthiest and happiest, according to the ancient Greeks.

Many people also think that the lunar cycle restarts at the new moon, heralding in a new beginning and a chance for adventure. A wedding that takes place 12 hours following a rejuvenated or waxing moon is a terrific choice for optimal luck.


Weddings during the weekend, especially on Saturdays, are frequently very popular, which reduces your options for both venues and providers. By choosing a weekday wedding, you can typically get better deals and expand your date options. The percentage of spring marriages that take place on a Saturday has decreased to 33%.

Having a laid-back pre-wedding atmosphere with friends and family is ideal on Mondays. Wednesdays are well-liked because people want to break up the week, perhaps by making Tuesday a pre-wedding spa day. No matter if you are hosting many friends who are parents with active children or long-distance visitors, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays are always an excellent choice.


Another unusual technique to bring good feelings to your wedding day is to use numerology to select the date. According to numerologists, your Life Path Number, which is obtained by adding the digits from your birthday, is what makes you who you are.

To determine your Life Path Number, use the basic math below:

Your birthday's month, day, and year should be reduced to single digits. For instance, add 1 + 2 to get 3 if your birth month is December.
Day: 14 = 1+4 = 5 Month: 12 = 1+2 = 3
Year: 1999 = 1+9+9+9 = 28 = 2+8 = 10 =1+0 = 1
Next, multiply the three Master Numbers single digits together: 3+5+1 = 9.
Accordingly, if November 14, 1999 was your birthday, your Life Path Number is 9.


In the 1920s, weddings on the twentieth of the month were great occasions. If you want to round out your wedding anniversary numbers, the first and second of the month are also acceptable dates. There are Friday the 13ths every few years, which some couples select for added fun. Beautiful palindrome dates are also always in demand because they will stand out on Save The Date cards and be simple to recall for years to come.


If you want to give your wedding a lucky boost, think about choosing a date based on numerology or a lucky number. Since the number "one" stands for unity and new beginnings, getting married on the first of any month is a wise decision. The second combines dualism and partnership. Due to its good connotations in ancient mysticism, the third of the month is considered lucky throughout the world. It is seen as a good day to move into a new house. The fifth stands for excitement and vitality. Venus is related to the sixth and is represented by passion and harmony. Marriage is related to the seventh because it is difficult to separate. The ninth day of the month, which is three to the power of nine, is lucky.

All of these numbers can have their strength increased by combining two of their affinities. For instance, because the 29th is linked to friendship, compassion, cooperation, and diplomacy, matching the numbers 2 and 9 is advantageous.