Published June 6, 2023

Pros and Cons of a Wedding Gift Registry

Part of the wedding preparation involves making some decisions about the wedding gifts. You and your future spouse will need to give some serious thought as to whether you wish to receive gifts at the venue or sign up for a gift registry at a store. And while it’s often easier to sign up for a gift registry than having to worry about physical gifts during the night of your wedding, a registry isn’t for everyone. So, if you’re at this stage of your wedding planning and are unsure about how to proceed with the gift set up, check out these pros and cons of a wedding gift registry first before deciding.


Get What You Actually Need

Most of your guests mean well when they present a set of etched champagne glasses. But do you really need or want them? Instead of wasting time and money on things that will likely end up in a garage sale or tucked inside a cupboard and never seen again, a registry lets you actually get what you need and want.

Take Advantage of Discounts

For items that aren’t purchased by your guests, some wedding registries will offer the happy couple a discount. So if there are a few things you don’t get, you can purchase them later and save a whole lot more.

Keeps You Organized

Registries can make your life a lot easier during this hectic wedding planning process. With a simple, complete list where everyone can access it online, you can easily stay organized and keep track of when it’s time to write those thank you cards. You’ll be able to quickly pinpoint who gave you which gifts, so you don’t thank someone for the wrong item.

It’s Fun

As an engaged couple, there’s a lot on your to-do list. But taking a little time out to find your favourite stores that have gift registries and creating your wedding gift wish list is something you can actually look forward to because it’s fun! So give yourself that extra perk to look forward to.


You Might Prefer Cash

Some couples might prefer to opt for cash instead of gifts. This has become a common request with newlyweds. Not having a registry is typically an indirect nudge to guests that cash is preferred. You can also gently suggest it by expressing your desire to save for something special like the honeymoon.

You’re Not Sure What You Need

Sometimes, it can feel like added pressure to sift through numerous stores and products to find things you think you might need. If you’re unsure, then opting out of a registry and going with the direct cash route might make more sense. The bottom line is if you can’t think of things that you really want, don’t force it. Think of the honeymoon or a big purchase you’ve been looking forward to instead and ask guests to contribute to the fund by placing a money box in your reception.

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