Published April 1, 2023

The Most Important Thing To Eat And Drink On Your Wedding Day To Feel Your Best

What are you forgetting on your wedding day checklist? The glam crew arrives at 7:30am., the photographer at 8:00am, and the flowers at 8:30am. Food! Truth be told, eating frequently and using food as fuel will help you look your best on your wedding day. Some brides forget to eat, while others avoid it out of concern about puffiness.

Whether you're afraid of queasy butterflies or want to maintain that healthy body, we have a plan so you won't have to even consider what you're going to eat next. With the help of some useful advice from registered dietitians Alyssa Justice and Danielle Colley, you can get ready to feel your best, look your best, and settle a restless stomach.

1. Breakfast continues to be the most crucial meal of the day.

Everyone dislikes a bride who is "hangry," so do yourself a favor and have a small breakfast. With all the activity and feeling of the day, Colley advises eating breakfast first to keep you energized and radiant. She recommends Greek yogurt with granola, a small whole-grain bagel with light cream cheese, and peanut butter toast with a side of fruit. The whole-grain-fat combination will give you energy without making you bloated, and it will also aid in preventing nausea that could result from pre-wedding jitters.

One of Dera's recommendations is a protein and fiber mix. "On their wedding day, ladies should have a breakfast that combines protein and fiber. When busy getting ready for her big day, a bride can stay focused and satiated by eating this winning mix. Examples include Greek yogurt with fruit and granola, hard boiled eggs with fruit, and whole wheat bread with scrambled eggs "She divulges.

2. Eat Often and Have Light Lunches and Snacks

You might think this is impossible, yet it's likely that you'll forget to eat. "Always eat something!" Colley declares. You might not have much of a chance to eat on your wedding day because there will be so much going on and so many people to chat with.

3. Relatively lightly drink

Let yourself have a few drinks with your guests because this is your day. Dehydration, on the other hand, is the last thing you want and could result from it.

4. Dera gives us some advice on how to handle booze on the big day.

You should be aware of your tolerance level and how much you are drinking. You wouldn't want to miss out on your wedding's memorable moments because you were drunk prior to or during the ceremony, "quoting Dera.

The best piece of advice is to pace yourself when drinking, drink water between alcoholic beverages, and eat between sips. Alcohol can dehydrate you thus making sure to constantly drink water along with your alcoholic beverage of choice is quite vital. Dizziness, headaches, red skin, weariness, and weakness can all result from dehydration. It may be preferable for you to wait to drink until the evening if you are concerned about any of this so you can focus entirely on your wedding day, she says.

5. Dine with your visitors

A good rule of thumb: whenever your visitors are eating, you should be eating. "Even a few bites can help keep you dancing the night long," Colley says. Have a friend or the bridal assistant get you a variety of Hors d'oeuvres to nibble on during cocktail hour while you bustle your dress or mingle. After the ceremony, consider participating in a receiving line so you can have dinner with your new husband.

6. Keep the Water Flowing

Water, to quote Zoolander, is the "Essence of Beauty." Colley advises drinking eight cups of flatwater every day on your wedding day and the two days before. Dehydration causes dull skin, she continues. Keep drinking and eating water-rich foods like watermelon, cucumbers, and citrus to achieve and maintain a healthy glow