Published May 15, 2023

Why Should You Choose A Gift Registry For Your Wedding?

Let's be honest, you guys! In Nigeria, getting married entails receiving an abundance of unwanted gifts. Imagine your home being overrun with countless boxes of appliances, dinnerware, and other 'gifts' that you will never use. A wedding couple will be able to describe the true horrors of dealing with this trauma if you ask them.

Although a wedding present might be a very special and helpful item for the couple, we Nigerians still view it as a formality and don't go beyond the standard dinnerware, lamps, electronics, and bedsheets. Sometimes we will even give away a gift that is already at our home. Don't we all engage in it?

But fortunately, there is a trend out there that is just waiting for you to notice it. It promises to banish all wedding gifting woes and enable you to get the wedding gifts of your choice, even cash. Are you curious about it? Without further ado, please accept my sincere welcome to the Wedding Gift Registry. Even The middle class embraced this style for their wedding! It is the best and easiest way to receive the gifts of your choice, and it is the future of wedding gifting (it is currently popular in Western nations).


A wedding gift registry is essentially an internet service that allows soon-to-be married couples to make a list of the things they would like to receive. Depending on their financial capabilities, the guests can purchase or contribute toward any item on the couple's wish list. Many websites, such as, offer this service for free in most cases. Kitchen appliances, home décor goods, gift cards from well-known retailers, cash, or even the ability to create money for your honeymoon are just a few of the options available.

It is a Western idea that arrived in Nigeria about three to four years ago. However, this idea has only just begun to acquire traction.


Simply create an account on one of the wedding gift registries websites (like Wedding Wishlist) and select the items, experiences, or even cash that you would want to have given to you by your guests. You may quickly share the generated URL with your guests via WhatsApp. The gifts will be delivered to the selected address when your visitors make their selections and pay on the site itself. The gateway for the wedding gift registry will have it delivered to the specified address and send the funds to your bank account as well.

The portals even continue to keep tabs on everyone who has given you what or contributed how much. Additionally, once a person has purchased a thing, no other quest can buy the same gift so as to avoid duplication


What services or products can you include on your gift registry?

The list goes on and on! Leading wedding gift registry websites like Wedding Wishlist work with all of the top companies in each category:
- Apparels
- Interior Design & Furniture
- Home and kitchen appliances
- Experiences in beauty & grooming, such as a spa, nice meals, or a honeymoon, etc.
- Donation funds
- Gift vouchers


You are beginning a new life, so you could need certain essential items or possibly want to splurge on a few upscale activities. Why not have your guests spend (in accordance with their reasonable budget) on something you genuinely want now that they are spending on you for the wedding gift? It is only a useful and modernized approach to wedding presents that will benefit every millennial couple. The best advantages of the wedding gift registry are listed here:

- First of all, it spares you from receiving a ton of duplicate and pointless wedding gifts.
- Everything about the approach is quite practical.
- Your visitors can pick from a huge selection of goods and services (of your choice) that range in price from around ₦2000 to thousands of nairas.
- Guests are welcome to make a suitable donation or buy you a present. enables your visitors to select a wedding present for you more easily.
- There is no charge for the services.
- Do you prefer some cash over wedding gifts? The most polite method to let your guests know is through a gift registry for your wedding. Otherwise, you can't be telling people directly that you want money as a gift.